Collaboration agreements

We achieve that our companies reduce their annual expenses in the contracting of supplies or material purchases. For this purpose, we negotiate globally the economic conditions with supplier companies of the sector. These conditions translate into beneficial exclusive discounts and special rates for all our members.

Premium collaborators


Training for meat industry personnel, as well as the optimization of production processes

Innovation in technological systems for health and safety

Prevention of occupational hazards and health surveillance

Gas and electricity distributor that develops global energy solution projects.

Live animal insurance, removal and destruction of carcasses

Supply of auxiliary material for repair, maintenance and industrial installation

Comprehensive advisory service on R&D projects

Professional society of patent and trademark agents

Business group that develops, manufactures and markets different high-quality waterproofing systems

Supply and hygiene of workwear and clean room (renting). 3d pest control

Analysis of business communication (web analysis, presence in the media, status of your social networks, and analysis of your competition). Subsequent proposal and recommendation for improvement.

Office material and consumables

Online platform for the purchase and sale of meat in Europe

Inspection, testing, consulting, training and certification of companies

CR, environmental , disability/death, health, credit, etc. insurance.

Payment of fuels and devices

Entity specialized in distributed generation through renewable energies

Our partners