Resultados de traducción The US pork industry will show the actions in favor of climate efficiency to the new Biden administration


The new Democratic administration will gather information from farmers, ranchers and other stakeholders on how to use federal programs to encourage the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices that produce verifiable carbon reductions and sequestration and create new sources of income and jobs for women. rural zones.

The National Council of Pork Producers of the USA is going to present the actions that are being carried out to increase efficiency and reduce the climate footprint of pig production.

Actions developed include:

  • Voluntary incentive-based tools to maximize carbon sequestration and other greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Public and private sector tools to incentivize farmers to prioritize and scale climate-smart practices.
  • Incentives that support the capture of valuable nutrients from farm manure and its recycling as natural fertilizer and locally produced soil conditioner.
  • Incentives related to biogas capture from manure management systems and associated infrastructure needed to bring it to market.
  • Incentives for farmers to reduce energy consumption, increase the use of renewable energy on farms, and make continued progress towards reducing life cycle GHG emissions from agricultural and forestry renewable energy.


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