24th AECOC Congress of meat and processed products: analysis of the challenges of the sector

One more year, ranchers, producers, processors and distributors meet and unite to chart together the future of an unstoppable sector. From February 21 to 22, meat companies prepare for the challenges of 2024. Among them those related to the profitability and sustainability of the business, having to deal with the rise in production costs, the current inflationary scenario and a consumer who, although his purchasing power has been reduced, continues to bet on quality and innovation: the keys to growth.

The event, which takes place in Lleida, will analyze the challenges and opportunities related to the essence of the meat industry and its reputation. To do this, the sector needs new narratives, supported by scientific evidence and capable of counteracting anti-meat ideologies promoted by animalist currents. Doing so is urgent because, what today is still a minority activism, could become something more influential and adverse with influence on the regulatory framework.


During the interventions on the 22nd, the Sense of Meat campaign will be presented, promoted by the interprofessionals, Meat and Health, associations and companies in the sector, together with the Livestock-Meat Forum and which aims to put the focus on three aspects:

  • Meat is part of a healthy diet.
  • Meat is enjoyment.
  • Livestock and meat is rural development.










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