How many cuts of kid, suckling pig and lamb are waiting for you

Lamb is one of the most revered and traditional products of Spanish gastronomy. Its tender meat and excellent flavor make it a benchmark in Castilian cuisine. Apart from the versatility it offers when cooking: roasts, stews, barbecues …

Suckling lamb

It is the most appreciated lamb meat. It comes from the breeding of the animal before weaning (30 or 40 days of life), so it has only fed on the milk of the sheep. Which makes the meat pink, very tender, and barely fat.

Recental Lamb

In this case, the animal is larger and is not only fed with mother’s milk. Their diet also includes grass and feed. With these characteristics we find a meat with a more intense and balanced flavor due to its higher fat content.

The Parts of the Lamb and how to cook them

Regardless of how big or small the lamb is, they all have the same characteristics. And therefore they all wake up in the same way. These are the cuts that you can find in your butcher shop:


It has a very tender and juicy meat. It is normally used in casseroles and stews, but it can also be cooked on the grill.


They are one of the most demanded products in meat establishments. The chops are found along the back of the animal and can be made of stick or kidney.


The intercostal meat of the lamb gives you the option of preparing a scrumptious dish (pun intended). Prepare your ribs both in the oven and on the grill, and if they are seasoned with a good sauce, all the better.


The front legs contain little meat, but very tasty when attached to the bone. Cooked in the oven over low heat with baked potatoes and proper hydration, they are a delicacy.


The hind legs are leaner, which does not mean that they are juicy and have very tender meat. In addition, they offer more versatility when cooking as they can be prepared whole boneless or in chops.


The meat that is attached to the abdomen is very tasty and is highly recommended for stews, ragouts or stews. From this piece comes the churrasco, an ideal cut for grilling.

Lamb Trotters

The lower part of the legs are an element highly appreciated by lovers of offal. They are sold clean and are usually prepared in sauce, for which their gelatinous content helps.


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