65,000 women contribute their work and talent to the international leadership of the Spanish pig sector

More than 65,000 women, 42% of direct employment in the Spanish white-coat pig sector, are women. “Workers who, with their effort and talent, contribute decisively to maintaining the leadership that Spanish pig companies have achieved in matters such as sustainability or animal welfare.” In fact, according to Alberto Herranz, director of the Interprofesional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC), on the occasion of International Women’s Day, “the Spanish pig sector would not be what it is, a national and international leader, without much that women contribute with their work”.

Farmers, operators, veterinarians, businesswomen, engineers, researchers, etc. work in the pig sector. All of them, Herranz points out, “necessary, for this reason, on a day like today, we should thank them and congratulate ourselves for having in our so much female talent”.

Of those 65,000 workers, about 49% are part of the primary sector; another 2,620 (4%) carry out their professional work in cooperatives and integrating companies; and 30,926 (47.5%) work in the processing industry.

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