65,000 women promote the international leadership of the Spanish pig sector

65,000 women work in the Spanish pig sector, which represents 4.2 out of 10 jobs, and they play a fundamental role in the international leadership of the sector, according to the Interprofesional del Pork de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC) on the occasion of the Day Women’s International. In total, and only taking into account direct employment, there are 31,450 women who work in primary production, 30,926 in pig industries and distribution and 2,620 in cooperatives and integrating companies, as reflected in the data prepared by INTERPORC.

The director of INTERPORC, Alberto Herranz, highlights “the great size and importance of women in our sector, and their dedication is a guarantee of the future for the primary sector and for rural areas, since more than 30,000 carry out their activity in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, giving life and dynamism to the towns of ’emptied Spain’.

However, he points out, “it is necessary to give visibility to the work they do and to continue promoting their incorporation into decision-making and representation bodies, both in the field of production and in the agri-food industry or corporate.”

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