90% of the water consumed in the livestock sector is green water, it comes from rain

Ruminant experts from IRTA have published unprecedented information on water consumption in the different fattening calf production systems on Catalan farms. Water is a basic resource irregularly distributed throughout the territory, so “world averages only serve to draw attention to a problem,” says Maria Devant, head of the IRTA ruminant production program, who considers that ” to make concrete decisions we need to know how much water there is, when and where it is consumed».

Thus, while worldwide the average value of water to produce a kilo of beef is 15,000 liters, according to the calculations of the Guide in Catalonia, consumption is around 5,500 and 7,500 liters for each kilo of meat.

Of all the water that is consumed, 90% is green water, that is, the rainwater that has been needed to produce the cereals and by-products of the cereals and oilseeds that the calves feed on. The remaining 10% is blue water, which comes from rivers, lakes, and aquifers; In this way, most of it is used to produce feed and only between 1.5% and 7% is water that the animals drink.


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