A study at the University of Pennsylvania points out that a Mediterranean diet with meat vermella helps to reduce heart disease.

Researchers at Park University in Pennsylvania (USA) have observed that a Mediterranean diet combined with small portions of lean beef helped reduce risk factors for developing heart disease, such as LDL cholesterol. “The study suggests that healthy diets can include a wide variety of foods, such as red meat, and still be heart-friendly. When creating a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

The study starts from the basis of the importance of consuming healthy and well-balanced diets. “This study highlights the importance of including lean beef in a Mediterranean dietary pattern that can produce healthy benefits for the heart,” says David J. Baer, ​​another of the authors of the research, who works in the Department of Agriculture. of the United States and in the Agricultural Research Service.




According to the researchers, red meat such as beef has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in previous studies. But it has not been clear if red meat actually causes these effects or if they are actually caused by other diet and lifestyle choices that people make in conjunction with consuming red meat.

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