A study explains why lean pork is recommended in a varied and balanced diet

Contrary to what is popularly thought, the lean cuts of the white layer pork are allies to reduce excess weight, as pointed out by Dr. Miguel Ángel Rubio Herrera, author of the report ‘White layer pork in the prevention and treatment of obesity ‘.

“Lean pork, like other lean cuts of other pieces of meat, should be incorporated into the low-calorie diets of the meal plans for the treatment of obesity, to ensure that people who follow these recommendations ingest a protein quota of high biological quality that allows progressive weight loss and long-term weight maintenance ”, concludes Dr. Rubio Herrera, from the Endocrinology and Nutrition service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.


“Fresh pork is well recognized as a main source of proteins of high biological value, of the contribution of B-complex vitamins, minerals such as heme iron, trace elements and other bioactive components with antioxidant capacity”, continues Dr. Rubio Herrera.


The energy value of the lean cuts of white layer pork is below 150 kcal / 100 g of edible portion. “And as the protein portion is between 21% and 24%, this type of lean meat is ideal for planning dishes with an interesting protein quota”, explains the expert.

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