AECOC Congress will discuss the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine in the livestock sector

The 22nd edition of the AECOC Congress on Meat and Processed Products will be held today and tomorrow at the La Llotja Conference Center in Lleida. AECOC will bring together the highest representatives of the sector to address the most challenging challenges facing the industry, as well as to enable a networking space that promotes meat development and innovation.

As Eurocarne highlights, sectoral organizations and administrations will analyze the current challenges of the meat sector, such as the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The meat industry is one of the most affected sectors, due to the dependence that many Spanish companies have on Ukrainian cereals for livestock feed. The economist Gonzalo Bernardos, and the Animal Protein researcher at Rabobank, Nan-Dirk Mulder, will discuss the effects that this crisis will have on the sector’s supply chain and on the Spanish economy.

Companies in the Spanish meat sector are fully active in a challenging and constantly changing environment. The pandemic has accelerated many of the current trends: a growing consumer awareness of environmental sustainability and animal welfare, a greater demand for transparency and traceability of meat products, health as an absolute prism for any aspect of life… But also innovation, which both the sector and other industries are developing around meat substitute products or cultured meat, constitutes and will mark a true revolution for the category.




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