An example to follow: Know the facts before deciding. Transparency is the best way to fight fake news about cattle

Joe Stanley, a farmer from Leicestershire, in England, has managed to flip a BBC video criticizing the intake of red meat. For 3 days, BBC Breakfast TV reporters have been able to live closely how cattle are cared for and monitored. Stanley has also made news in the national media, including The Guardian, in addition to becoming a driver of social networks.

In response to the controversial BBC documentary that suggested that meat was a threat to the planet, Stanley posted a video on Twitter that simply showed him feeding his cattle. It has been seen 75,000 times and has received a positive response from the public.

“I showed the reality of meat production to our target audience. We all have the ability to communicate with the general public and reach that number of people with the truth, ”he said. “Transparency is the best way to go and, if people knew the high standards with which we produce, they will buy more meat.”

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