Anafric adheres to the PIMEC initiative to make the economy compatible with the responsible use of water

Anafric has joined the campaign carried out by PIMEC (the most representative employer of micro, small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed in Catalonia) by which, given the situation of drought and the resulting water restrictions, they want to make the continuity of the economy with a sustainable use of water. For this reason, from PIMEC they are working in different lines, and they want to open a participatory process so that all business people affected can contribute their proposals. The association has drawn up a first draft of the manifesto that will be outlined with your contributions, and public actions and positions will be launched shortly.


Your participation is important!

We invite you to fill out the short form and send us your ideas and projects. cheer up! Together, we will find answers to continue with the business activity making a sustainable use of water.


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