Anafric thanks Pedro Sánchez for his support to the meat livestock sector but asks for more support and collaboration.

Anafric, the Spanish Meat Association, thanks President Pedro Sánchez for his declarations of support for the sector in a recent interview with the media. “But support should be given in deeds and not in words,” says José Friguls, president of the entity. “The sector is suffering malicious attacks, accusing us of being guilty of climate change. In the face of this harassment and demolition, Anafric asks for more support from the government. Statements cannot be made to please the sector while the Spain 2050 Strategy is presented with an anti-livestock content in Europe”. Friguls demands Sánchez more commitment to the sector and collaboration to defend it “more and better in Europe” and an urgent meeting.

Statements by the President of the Government.

“If there is a sector committed to mitigating and adapting to climate change is precisely the countryside sector. Because it lives in the countryside. Because it works in the countryside. The agri-food sector is very aware of the effects of climate change, and that we have to modernize and transform the rural sector”.  For Anafric these statements “are welcome” but they are still “pure theory without any practice,” he points out.

That is why Anafric is asking the President of the Government for an urgent meeting.  “Our sector is and will be firmly committed to the environment. We are the solution, not the problem, and Anafric wants to be a valid interlocutor to demonstrate that change in the meat-livestock sector is already a reality”.

Controversy over the video of Minister Alberto Garzón

After the broadcasting of the video of the Minister Alberto Garzón asking for less meat consumption, ANAFRIC demanded “urgently, a public rectification” because of the unverified figures. The associations representing the industrial and meat sector in Spain have condemned these statements, which have raised quite a storm in the sector against the minister.


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