Anafric and Ensoblue, Company specialized in management and energy saving, signed a collaboration agreement

The meat business association Anafric and the Ensoblue Company specialized in management and energy saving have signed a collaboration agreement through which this company will make contact and offer coverage of their services to the associates of Anafric. The agreement signed the last month of July, will have validity for a year. Besides that, Ensoblue will participate in the pavilion set of Anafric in the Meat Attraction Fair, September 17-19 in Madrid. This way the associates present at the meat hall will be able to know their services on first hand if they wish.

Ensoblue is a company specialized on development of technology destined to the correct management of the energy, optimization and reduction of the energetic costs of the industry in general. Explained by Jose Miguel Saiz-Pardo, commercial director of the downtown area, “our systems and services make us the best energetic partner of our customers”. We offer, in each case, besides the energy saving, either electric or primary, multiple benefits, adapting them to the necessities of each company. We are in permanent development and searching new technologies that improve the performance and power consumption of different productive processes.

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