Anafric encourages celebrating the feast of San Juan with lamb, a healthy and sustainable food

On the occasion of the Day of the Lamb that will be celebrated on June 23, Anafric encourages people to celebrate the feast of San Juan around an ideal food for the whole family: lamb, a healthy and sustainable food. We have spent two years with restlessness, with fears, with contention. Now we have to get together, and always with caution, celebrate the meeting of families with a sustainable product, such as lamb,” explains José Friguls, president of Anafric, the Spanish meat association.

Lamb meat, “in addition to having excellent quality, contributes to the maintenance of the environment and the rural world. At Anafric we are helping to promote the consumption of this food, which encourages tradition and grazing in a few months that are complicated for the sale of this product, which tends to be concentrated in certain months. With The Day of the Lamb, we want to seasonalize its consumption”, explains the president of Anafric.

Revitalization of the rural environment

There are currently around 150,000 sheep and goat meat farms in our country and it is estimated that they can employ more than 250,000 families living in rural areas. “With the consumption of our lamb, we help the rural environment and the families that make a living from it.”

“Supporting the consumption of lamb, all are advantages”, explains José Friguls. “We encourage local and proximity consumption; we help families living in rural areas and we make known the importance of herds as a natural element to prevent fires.”

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