Anafric expands its presence at Meat Attraction with the stand grouped with the most exhibitors from the five editions

From March 6 to 8, Meat Attraction returns stronger than ever, and Anafric, the Spanish meat and livestock business association, reaffirms its commitment to the most exclusive fair in the meat sector, increasing its presence with the highest number of co-exhibiting companies at the grouped stand with the greatest representation of fresh meats in the event.

In this edition, Anafric claims the meat sector, which reaches a turnover of more than 31,000 million euros, which represents close to a third of the entire Spanish food sector, or what is the same, “2.55 % of Spanish GDP”, explains José Friguls, president of Anafric.

And this claim is supported by going hand in hand with some of the main companies in the meat sector:  FribinMurgaca, Celevant/Meat CenterSucarnPremier Foods & MeatBones&MeatsGrup ViñasFarràs AutènticViñals Soler, Jabugo RealFricafor y Roca 1927




Promote international meetings

For Anafric it is a “backbone platform for business opportunities and internationalization”. The more than 3,000 companies in the sector have made Spain “one of the countries with the greatest export power, thanks to innovation, digitization, sustainability, traceability and the quality of a product that is respected throughout the world” , explains the president of the meat association, for whom “the fact that Meat Attraction is the first meat fair in the world and that it is held in our country consolidates us as a sector”.


Workshop specialized in communication

Anafric organizes on March 7, from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Meat Attraction Forum, the Comuni-carne workshop: keys to effective communication for the meat sector, a space to discuss ideas about the consumption preferences of today’s society and how apply them towards a communication strategy for the different industrial actors of the entire meat chain.

The workshop will have the participation of David Monfort, director of operational strategy of the Impacta Group agency, who will invite all visitors to an enjoyable, practical and participatory experience and where keys will be taught on how to win opportunities among all the actors through an effective communication, before the new paradigms and the new habits of consumption.


Anafric survey results

In this appointment with the meat communication, the results of the survey addressed to the Spanish population will be offered with the aim of knowing their opinion on the request for a reduction in VAT on meat products, a survey that will be active until April.

Registration for this workshop is free through the Meat Attraction LiveConnect space. More information [email protected]

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