Anafric gives its support to the Green Deal policy of the new European Commission that has started working since the beginning of December

What are the points that characterize this policy?

1.- The EU will try to reach neutral greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, an objective that will be enshrined in a “Climate Law” that will be presented in March 2020.
2.- A new circular economy action plan will be presented in March 2020, as part of a broader EU industrial strategy: use less materials and ensure that products can be reused and recycled.
3.- Renovation of buildings. The key objective is to “at least double or even triple” the rate of renovation of buildings, which currently stands at around 1%.
4.- Zero pollution. Whether in the air, soil or water, the goal is to reach a “pollution-free environment” by 2050.
5.- Ecosystems and biodiversity. Europe wants to lead by example by offering new strategies for biodiversity conservation. These strategies will be presented at the UN Biodiversity Summit that will take place in China in October.
6.- Strategy from the farm to the table. “Green and healthier agriculture” that includes plans to “significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics.
7.- Transportation. Zero emission target in 2030. Objective 95g c02 / km in 2021. Until 2025, more than 1 million free charge points will be deployed for electric vehicles.
8.-Money: Transition mechanism for those regions that are more dependent on fossil fuels with a heading of 100,000 million euros until 2027.
9.- R + R + I: 35% of EU research funding will go to climate-friendly technologies under an agreement reached earlier this year.
10.- Europe will make a great diplomatic effort to implement the previous measures.

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