Anafric gives it’s support to the iMeat fair which celebrates it’s second edition in Cornellà

Anafric’s president, José Friguls, accompanied by vice-president, Marcel Ruiz, attended at the iMeat Spain inaugural act of October 6th to give their support to this fair for the professional retailer of the meat sector. This way they have given their support to the initiative driven by the guild of carnivores, pork butchers and Aviram of Barcelona and region.

Anafric as an association of meat suppliers applaud this sector fair conceived as a meeting place for developing contacts and business relationships between the professionals of the butcher industry, pork butchers, cooked pork meats and birds. To José Frigols: the organization of a fair like this one is a necessity and because of that, from Anafric, we believe it’s a great success to upgrade this meeting place of the sector.

Anafric is a meat business association with a national scope which defends the interests of the companies of the livestock-meat of all sectors, transversely and plurally. Has 200 associated companies, it’s activity include from hang farms, slaughterhouses, clearing rooms and refrigerator stores. For the product’s volume, is the most representative association of sheep and caprine in Spain. Their partners bill a global of 3.627.513.577, 93 euros annually and give job to nearly 4.900 people in fixed template. ANAFRIC represents (in tons of channels sold): ovine, 69%; bovine, 46%; porcine, 23%.

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