Anafric, member of the Code of Good Commercial Practices of the Food Chain of Catalonia (CBPC)

Formed by 17 associations or entities, the Code of Good Commercial Practices is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture and all the agents of the food chain participate through its meetings: production, industry and agri-food distribution.



This Codi, has as objectives:

  • Improvement of relations between the different types of operators throughout the entire value chain.
  • Improvement of transparency, agility and efficiency in commercial relations.
  • Improvement of the information and perception that consumers receive of agri-food products and of the operation of the sector.
  • Value quality agri-food products, with greater food safety, more sustainable and respectful of animal welfare.
  • Improve marketing, growth and market orientation.
  • Improve efficiency and technological development.
  • Promote channels that favor the marketing of local production.
  • Improve the market orientation of the entire value chain.
  • Implementation of instruments to communicate and resolve conflicts between companies and all types of operators.

In this sense, by belonging to the Codi, Anafric undertakes to:

  • Improve business practices
  • Improve consumer perception
  • Improve marketing, growth and market orientation
  • Improve efficiency and technological development
  • Apply, interpret and monitor the Agreement

The areas of action with regard to the ramadería are:

  • Animal feeding
  • channel rating
  • animal identification
  • contests
  • animal by-products
  • Animal welfare
  • indigenous breeds
  • animal health
  • animal drugs

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