Anafric organizes the webinar “Digital transformation in the meat sector” by Konica Minolta

Anafric, aware of the importance that the digital transformation process represents today for all companies in the meat sector in Spain and given the imminent entry into force of the Royal Decree that will force the implementation of video surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses and that will foreseeably be approved at At the end of this year, in collaboration with the multinational Konica Minolta, he will give an exclusive seminar / webinar for Anafric partners.

“Our objective is to help the sector, and especially our partners, to comply with the legal obligations of the meat industry regarding animal welfare, food safety and safety in its production chain”, says José Friguls, president of the Spanish meat association.



Day: July 14
Time: 10.30am

The seminar, which will last one hour, will be divided into three 15-minute blocks.

1. Process optimization with Document Management

Document Management allows companies a reduction in operating costs of between 30 and 35% since it eliminates the need to have a physical file and allows immediate access to information.

2. Intelligent video technology for process protection and hygiene control

The new legislation that will come into force at the end of the year aims to guarantee animal welfare. With this webinar, Anafric partners will discover how intelligent video can help them:

  • Prevent espionage, theft and sabotage.
  • Control entrances and accesses.
  • Comply with the cold chain.
  • Comply with hygiene and safety regulations.
  • Document the loading and unloading of animals.

3. Management of the IT Infrastructure for:

  • Avoid data loss in the company.
  • Keep systems and software up-to-date.
  • Close security gaps.
  • Comply with all data protection standards and maximum security against intrusions.

The seminar will be given by:

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