Anafric participates again in the conversations to design the Code of Conduct for commercial and marketing practices

The meetings have taken place on April 20, May 7 and the next one will be on May 28. The aim of the Code is to define the collective role of operators along the food chain in the transition towards a more sustainable European food system, facilitating the choice of healthy and sustainable diets by consumers.

The Code, expected to be signed by stakeholders in June 2021, would cover the main aspects of the sustainability of food systems (economic, social and environmental) and would reflect the objectives and ambitions of the strategy “From farm to table “and the European Green Deal. The “Farm to Fork” strategy asked operators “between farm and fork,” including food processors, hospitality / restaurant services and retailers, to show ways to increase the availability and accessibility of healthy food options and sustainable.

This code of conduct must be applied by associations, companies … all those entities within the food value chain.

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