Anafric renews collaboration with the Education Consortium to train students who want to dedicate themselves to the meat sector through the PFI offered by the Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo de Barcelona


Anafric,he Spanish meat business association has renewed its commitment for the 2020-2021 academic year with the Barcelona Education Consortium, to continue offering the theoretical and practical training of the Training and Insertion Program (PFI) Establishment of the Meat Sector. It has been one of the few PFIs that has maintained practices in the meat industries during the state of alarm because the sector has been considered an essential service. Anafric’s associated companies participate in this program Carns RomeuCarns PontSucarnViñals SolerJ Milà y Companyia General Carnia.


The students are divided into two groups, made up of 16 students each: meat industry and butcher, the latter possible thanks to the collaboration of the Gremi de Carnissers, Xarcuters and Aviram de Barcelona i Comarques.

Who are the courses for?
These are almost personalized courses, aimed at people with adaptation difficulties, who need training to get a job or for students who have not finished ESO. These studies qualify to carry out auxiliary tasks of preparation, processing and storage of raw materials and production in food industries, as well as auxiliary operations of preparation and packaging of food products. In this sense, the students feel motivated.

100% insertion every year
The project started 12 years ago and, to date, the job placement of these boys and girls is 100% every year. And the essential point is not only training and work, but the social inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.

In this sense, recently, one of the workshops taught within the PFI, “Project for innovation in meat products”, has been selected from hundreds of projects by Dualiza Bankia and awarded € 10,000, the maximum expected, which will serve for EHTB ( School of Hospitality and Tourism of Barcelona) can improve the program.

The profession in the world of meat adapts to the market. 12 years ago, when this project began to be taught, the training was meat cutting. “Today, the strategic vision of the profession includes the product from the field to the table. A transversal vision thanks to the companies that collaborate and that are partners of Anafric, who make possible a job well done, highly valued and exciting”, José Friguls, President of Anafric explains.

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