Anafric se suma a la campanya europea contra l’ús indegut de les denominacions càrnies en productes “que no provenen de la carn”

This is not a steak “is the new campaign that six European organizations have started, led by the UECBV, AVEC CLITRAVI, Copa Cogeca EFFAB, and the International Confederation of Butchers through which they want to record the use of the traditional names of meat and dairy products by new vegan products or without meat production The associations representing the animal sector in Europe state that with the participation of the growing number of multinational companies in the vegan market, “there has been a push in recent years for denominations such as “steak”, “hamburger”, “sausage”, imitations of dairy products and meat of vegetable origin.

The Meat Business Association, Anafric, considers that these multinationals are “usurping” a “land that has been culturally associated with meat, which can cause misunderstandings among the end consumer, believing that they buy meat, when it is not”, he explains , José Friguls, president of Anafric. For this reason, Anafric joins the European campaign.



Why the campaign

The European Parliament debates during this week the prohibition of the use of the usual names of meat and meat products for the sale of vegetable products that do not contain meat in their composition.

The European campaign, which can also be followed on social media
through the tags #This Is Not A Steak # This Is Not A Burger
and #EstoNoEsUnaSalchicha, urges multinationals with plant-based products to find their own names so as not to confuse the consumer “.

The European associations urge MEPs to defend the original Amendment 165 as approved in the ComAgri report on the new CMO Regulation in April 2019 and will not accept any concessions in this regard. “We cannot jeopardize the right of consumers to have reliable information on the characteristics and nutritional values ​​of the products they buy.”

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