Anafric proposes a joint manifesto of the Spanish livestock-meat sector to support the European platform

The Association of Meat Companies, Anafric, supports the recently created “European Livestock Voice”, a European platform to defend the livestock sector. The president of Anafric, José Friguls, says that:

“We give all our support to the creation of this platform. This is an unprecedented initiative in the European Union that brings together more than a dozen organizations, united to express the objective reality of a key sector, which is living moments of disinformation and attacks”.

José Friguls, President of Anafric

The main purpose of this new platform is to be a source that promotes balanced information to provide real perspective on the impact and socio-economic contribution of the livestock sector. “European Livestock Voice” also seeks to deny false information spread among European public opinion on the practices of the livestock sector in terms of sustainability, animal welfare and quality.

Anafric supports European Livestock Voice
José Friguls, President of Anafric, with Karsten Maier,
Secretary General of UECBV

Anafric intends to agree a Spanish joint manifesto to support the European platform

Furthermore, Anafric intends to agree a joint manifesto of the Spanish livestock-meat sector to support the European platform. This document could be made public during the celebration of the Assembly of the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV). Such Assembly will take place in Athens on November 8. The manifesto will also support the role of Clara Eugenia Aguilera García, the Spanish MEP in charge of defending the livestock sector in the European Parliament along with the MEPs Alexander Bernhuber (AT) and Jérémy Decerle (FR).


“European Livestock Voice” has developed its own information hub, an online portal ( reviewing the accuracy of the most frequently made statements about livestock production, consumption and its benefits. Thus, for example, it is denied that the production of 1 kg of beef requires 15,000L of drinking water. In this sense, it is mentioned that the average size for livestock farms in Europe is below 50 hectares. Currently, the European farm model, which also includes the Spanish one, remains family farming.

“It is false that the production of 1 kg beef requires 15,000L of drinking water”

European Livestock Voice

This platform highlights that the EU livestock sector is the backbone of the EU’s rural areas. Such sector contributes to the circular approach within the EU bioeconomy, while ensuring a steady and affordable supply for sufficient safe and nutritious food.

Association of Meat Companies, Anafric

Anafric is a national meat business association that defends the interests of companies in the livestock-meat sector in a transversal and plural way. It has 200 associated companies whose activity encompasses fattening farms, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and cold stores. By volume of product, it is the most representative association in sheep and goat in Spain. Its associates invoice a total of 3,627,513,577.93 euros per year and employ almost 4,900 people as permanent staff. Anafric represents (in tons of commercialized channels): Ovine meat, 69%; Bovine meat, 46%; Porcine meat, 23%.

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