Meat Attraction 2022 is presented as the main promotional instrument for the Spanish meat industry. Anafric will be present. You sign up!

Meat Attraction is preparing its fourth edition with a mixed approach that integrates the face-to-face event -from March 8 to 10, 2022- and the digital configuration with LIVEConnect, a powerful online platform for the entire professional community, which will start operating from October of this year, 2021. Anafric is once again present with a shared stand. The priority period for participation ends on September 30 to participate in the first priority distribution of spaces on October 14. If you are interested in participating, send us an email to [email protected]

Meat Attraction will have numerous commercial actions to position the Spanish sector as one of the world’s leading suppliers of meat and meat products. In this sense, the fair is once again launching the Invited Importing Country initiative, with Japan and Canada as guests on this occasion, two of the markets of strategic interest for the Spanish meat sector, due to their size and level of development.




What will we see in the next edition

Exhibitors and visitors will have the Product Area and the Auxiliary Industry and Value Chain Area, and specific spaces such as IbéricoLand -exhibition space for the Iberian meat products industry- or The Butcher Shop, aimed especially at the retail channel.

Innovation and knowledge will also be protagonists, with a new edition of the Innovation Hub, the directory of novelties and star products presented by exhibitors, the Accelera Awards, to support companies in both the product area and the auxiliary industry, and meaTIC, a complete program of technical conferences, training and specialization.

The panorama of Meat Attraction will be completed with informative instruments, visibility and recognition of the work of the operators of the entire chain, such as Meat Week.

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