Anafric will create a monitoring and support group to select projects that facilitate the arrival of European funds to companies in the meat-livestock sector

The interprofessional agri-food industry of the food sector (INTERPORC, PROVACUNO, INTEROVIC, ASICI and INTERCUN) are promoting a tractor project (PERTE) called Structural Modernization of the Production Chain and Meat-Livestock Transformation in Spain that involves all links of the livestock chain -meat (livestock, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and processing industries).

The objective of this project is to promote digital transformation and an environmentally sustainable production and transformation system, following the sustainability and digitization criteria proposed by the EU.

Companies must include the investments that they have planned in the coming years in these areas.

What should interested companies do?

Communicate by email to [email protected] (before next February 14), your interest in participating. The communication will be confidential.

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