Anafric and the IRTA will work together in favour of the livestock and meat sectors

The president of Anafric, José Friguls, and the IRTA’s General Director, Josep Usall, have signed a joint collaboration agreement for the next 5 years, in order to develop and execute activities of reciprocal interest in the field of livestock and meat sectors.

Thus, IRTA and Anafric intend to work together on joint research projects, on the creation of services and technological development contracts, as well as on transfer and innovation issues.

This collaboration agreement, says the general director of IRTA, reaffirms one of our mainstays as a research Institution, as in, in this case, the support in R+D+I in the livestock and meat sectors, where with Anafric we have already achieved important achievements, as has recently been the conservation of fresh beef beyond 80 days and with a clear export orientation”.

“On the other hand, the Presidente of Anafric, Mr. Friguls, values very positively the signing of this framework agreement, consequence of the development of studies and projects that IRTA has carried out with Anafric for many years with fully positive results for the livestock-meat sector; and he adds that, currently, work is already being done on new projects that respond to the sector`s commitment, such as animal welfare and sustainability”

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