Anafric’s sheep and goat group meets in Zaragoza to analyze the future of the sector

The Anafaric sheep-goat group has held its annual meeting in Zaragoza. The event was attended by more than 60 companies in the sector and also representatives of the fur industry.

Anafric, a Spanish meat business association, and its sheep and goat sector working group met on February 12 in Zaragoza to analyze the current circumstances of companies in these sectors. Under the motto #VolvemosAlOrigen, the meeting in exposing the own experience of the companies with respect to the animal welfare. This year the hosts for the sector event have been Franco and Navarro and Carnes Selectas Cinco Villas, in addition to the collaboration of Nanta, Invest in Extremadura, MSD Animal Health and Interovic

Message from the sector
The president of Anafric, José Fríguls, has been in charge of opening the meeting and giving way to the conference “Production and industries of sheep, opportunities in Extremadura”, given by Invest in Extremadura.

Another issue discussed at the meeting has been the current challenge of the fight against pneumonia in the bait of lambs by MSD Animal Health.

The third conference of the day was entitled “Animal welfare, an advantage in a changing world”, where José Mª Belló, head of sheep-goat products of Grupo Nanta, presented the experience of sheep and goat companies, in the application of the community regulations on animal welfare.

At this point, Miguel Ángel Aparicio, member of SEPROBA (Spanish Society for Animal Protection and Welfare) and president of the Zootechnics Section of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain, and Luis Fernando Gosálvez member of SEPROBA and the UECBV (Union European Cattle and Meat Traders) have contributed their scientific vision on the protection and welfare of animals, at all stages of the value chain.

This day, another year, has also served as a meeting point for all the most representative companies in the Spanish sheep-goat sector associated with Anafric to have been able to discuss their concerns and create synergies in a unique environment.

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