Appearance and price, the main reasons for buying fresh produce, according to AECOC

Appearance and price are currently the most important reasons for fresh produce consumers, according to data from the report ‘The Fresh Produce Shopper’, produced by AECOC Shopperview. 79% of consumers look at the appearance of the products on the counter, while 76% also assess the price before making their purchase decision. In the case of meat, buyers take into account the animal species.



72% of consumers state that they buy cut meat, while 60% also buy refrigerated packaged meat and 15% frozen packaged.

The AECOC Shopperview report also affects the changes in behavior that the current inflation is producing in the purchase of fresh products. 77% of consumers confirm that they have changed their habits and 62% say they are looking for more offers and promotions in the category.


For the holidays, the price factor will condition behavior and two out of three consumers will advance their purchases of meat or fish to take advantage of offers and better prices. 40% of consumers state that they will reduce the volume of meat purchases, but in exchange, half will buy higher quality meat products.



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