Aragon approves aid for projects related to the livestock and meat sector

The Government of Aragon has approved 27 new innovation and cooperation projects in the call corresponding to 2020 of the Rural Development Program of Aragon 2014-2020. This means that more than 64 entities will benefit from this line of aid that aims to address practical solutions to problems in the sector that require the development and application of technology. The publication of the sixth call for cooperation groups is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Lines of fluid contact have been created that allow us to take advantage of the knowledge generated by our scientists and direct their priority lines of work towards the problems faced by the agri-food sector on a day-to-day basis.

This is the fifth call launched by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment with an endowment of 3 million euros. The grants per project are of a minimum of 30,000 euros and a maximum of 150,000 euros, with an execution period of four years, from 2019 to 2022. The intensity of the aid in general reaches 80% of the costs incurred in the execution of the proyects.

In total, the five calls for aid (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020) have had 15.2 million euros and a total investment of 19 million euros, for the start-up of 157 cooperation groups. Aragon is the Autonomous Community with the highest number of calls published to date. Altogether, 415 beneficiaries of the aid participate in the groups.

The projects related to livestock and meat production approved in the current 2020 call have been the following:

  • Study and assessment of different parameters that affect animal welfare in the food chain. Subsidy € 46,400.
  • Alternatives in the use and control of the potential of slurry ponds. Subsidy € 120,000.
  • Decrease in the mortality of lambs in fattening by the implementation of preventive measures in farms and in fattening (CORIGEN). Subsidy € 119,579.
  • OVI-CIRCULAR for the circular economy of the sheep sector. Subsidy € 120,000.
  • Strategic health measures in Aragonese sheep farms. Subsidy € 106,448.
  • Sheep farm management platform (Improvement of the management of extensive livestock sheep farms). Subsidy € 63,200.
  • PORCINOVA PILOT: pilot projects of technological innovation for precision farming 4.0. Subsidy € 119,673.
  • Promote co-innovation in the agri-food chain (PRO-CO-INNOVATION). Subsidy € 117,551.

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