Aragonese livestock will receive 12 million euros in aid against the impact of the war in Ukraine

The Aragonese livestock will receive “in the coming months” 12 million euros in aid to “deal with the difficulties caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine”. The amount is part of the package of just over 193 million euros -of which 129 are provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the rest by the EU- with which it is intended to alleviate the negative disturbances in the market and the skyrocketing production costs caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in sectors such as beef, sheep and goat meat, chicken meat, rabbit meat and citrus fruits.

The unit amount of aid for beef, sheep and goat producers may not exceed 60 euros per suckler cow, 12 euros per calf and 5 euros per sheep and goat. For meat poultry producers, the maximum aid per beneficiary, depending on the capacity of the farm, will range between 600 and 4,800 euros, and for rabbit producers, between 2,580 and 5,160 euros.

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