At the end of the year, the mandatory nature of television cameras in slaughterhouses to verify animal welfare will come into force

Spain is going to get ahead of the rest of the European Union countries in implementing the mandatory nature of TV cameras in slaughterhouses in terms of animal welfare, since so far the installation of video surveillance systems in slaughterhouses is only mandatory in the Kingdom United. This has been advanced by the deputy director general of Promotion of Food Safety of Aesan, Victorio Teruel, in an online conference.

The purpose of the initiative is to supervise the correct compliance with the animal welfare conditions in the slaughter establishments, understanding that this will improve the companies’ self-control capacity and guarantee the good work of the workers, as well as the control of compliance by the Official Veterinary Services.

Allegations for before April 23

All those companies that want to present their opinion in this regard, can contact Anafric. Next April 23 is the last day to present allegations. Information in [email protected].


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