Ávila joins the Paquito route, the lamb sandwich with its own name

Since last June 16, coinciding with the celebration of World Tapas Day, the province of Ávila has welcomed, for the first time, Paquito, the lamb sandwich with its own name, which a total of 12 establishments in the city have covered using the lamb leg fillet as a common base for all its recipes. In this way, they value, also in the bars, the lamb.

The Avila Federation of Hospitality of CEOE Ávila thus joins the project of INTEROVIC (Interprofessional Agri-Food of Sheep and Goat Meat), which is part of the European program “Suckling, lamb and kid meat. Tasty and Sustainable, choose European origin” and which is also taking place in other cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Zamora and Barcelona, ​​and which aims to modernize the consumption of meat of sheep origin, especially among the younger public. It does so by putting it between bread and bread, forming part of such a popular and affordable preparation as a sandwich and using it as a uniting element between all the bars that participate in this initiative that was created in 2019.

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