Award for Anafric and its associated companies for the Innovation Project in meat products with the EHTB workshop

The program in which Anafric participates through its associated companies  Carns RomeuCarns PontSucarnViñals SolerJ Milà and Companyia General Carnia is the “Project of innovation in meat products”, which is taught from the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Barcelona (EHTB), and that is tutored by Dolors Espuña. This project has been selected from hundreds of projects by Dualiza Bankia and awarded € 10,000, the maximum planned, which will help the EHTB to improve the program.

Since 2006, Anafric has marked the line of work for this project so that the training “adapts to the reality of companies and the market

Each course is taught to 16 students. “These are almost personalized courses, aimed at people with difficulties in adapting from other countries, who need training to get a job or for students who have not finished ESO,” explains Espuña. The most important of these courses, apart from the achievement of a final degree, “is the motivation of the students, the desire to learn.”


When Espuña speaks of motivation, he does so with knowledge of the cause. “We have the same group from the beginning of the course. There are virtually no dropouts. And we end up knowing a lot about the personal circumstances surrounding each student. A large majority are young people from other countries, who have arrived in our country with the illusion of seeking a better future. We have from unaccompanied minors, to young people who have arrived by boat or even walking from Pakistan. There are so many realities and so many illusions that for many of them doing these courses is already a triumph. ”


For Dolors Espuña, the Meat Sector Establishment program is a success, but it also brings its point of social criticism: “Young Spaniards have no interest in a profession with many outings and in which students who take a good course are normally hired by the companies that participate in the program. It is necessary to carry out social awareness work in favor of the more traditional professions. The usual trades. Those that will always be. And this work has to start at ESO. ”


Bet on the future

The Bankia prize for this project means a commitment to a profession of present and, above all, of the future. “The administration has very limited budgets and this award will help us to strengthen the involvement with the average degree of Technician in Food Products Processing. In other words, we will have a project that goes from the cutting of the meat to the product on the table, thanks to the elaborated meat products ”.

The profession adapts to the market. 12 years ago, when this project began to be taught, the training was meat cutting. Today, the strategic vision of the profession includes the product from the field to the table. A transversal vision thanks to the companies that participate in Anafric, which make possible a job well done, well valued and exciting.

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