Solidarity and quality hamburgers in local shops in Catalonia

Professionals from the guilds that are part of Carnissers, Xarcuters Catalunya, the brand that encompasses the different representative entities of butcher, charcuterie and poultry professionals in Catalonia, have launched a joint campaign to promote the consumption of hamburgers artisan and quality in local shops throughout Catalonia. They also present the first edition of the Burger Solidarity, an initiative that wants to bring quality hamburgers to the most vulnerable families.

Savoring a quality hamburger, handcrafted, with different types of meats and with an unlimited variety of ingredients is enjoying the Mediterranean Diet, that is to say, a healthy and nutritious diet and, above all, it is enjoying hamburgers prepared by professionals of confidence, they maintain in a statement.

This year, the hamburger is also solidarity. Meat retailers are taking part in an initiative to bring quality hamburgers to the most vulnerable families suffering from the economic crisis.

The proposal will have the collaboration of the different solidarity entities that will distribute the hamburgers that are collected through the campaign.

The hamburger, always with quality meats
And this is how Carnissers Xarcuters de Catalunya understands it that, taking advantage of the fact that May 28 is International Hamburger Day, has organized a campaign that precisely promotes quality, artisan production, nutritional aspects and also the gourmet vision of hamburgers. “The hamburgers made with quality meats from our member establishments are healthy, nutritious and suitable for all ages.”

But one of the main contributions of meats, and hamburgers, are the vitamins of group B. Especially B12, the most essential vitamin for our body, which ensures the normal functioning of the brain, the nervous system and is essential for the formation of blood. And it is only found in foods of animal origin.

The emeritus professor in Nutrition and Bromatology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona, ​​Abel Mariné insists: “Meats and their derivatives provide excellent proteins, B vitamins (including B12 , which is not found in vegetables), minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and, above all, iron, whose meats are the best source, not only because of its content but because its iron is absorbed better than that of other foods, especially than vegetables. It is not easy for our body to absorb and have enough iron through our diet if we do without meat and derivatives “.

Solidarity Burger. First edition of an initiative that wants to bring quality hamburgers to needy families
May 28 is International Hamburger Day, but it is also Burger Solidarity Day. “All people have the right to be able to enjoy the quality hamburgers offered by our member establishments,” they point out from the Federation. “Our commitment goes beyond our activity. Solidarity is also part of our trade. And that is why the annual hamburger campaign also adds this solidarity component.”

How are solidarity deliveries of quality hamburgers made?
Thanks to the contributions of members and customers, hamburgers will be delivered to solidarity organizations, which will be distributed by their volunteers. It is the solidarity entities that determine which families are most in need.

“We believe that with the help of everyone, society and the media, this initiative will be a success. We have the experience of the Help us to help campaign that was launched in April 2020 and continues until now. We have delivered 11,000 kilos of quality meats to the families that need it most. ”

How can you collaborate?
All people can collaborate individually by making a purchase of quality hamburgers in all those establishments that participate in the Burger Solidarity campaign. These hamburgers will be delivered to the entities that participate in the campaign.

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