Cantabria promotes mountain grazing to generate wealth in unpopulated areas

The Government of Cantabria will continue to promote mountain grazing to implement a viable livestock system that allows the generation of wealth in the most unpopulated areas of the region. This has been announced by the Minister of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Guillermo Blanco, who has indicated that in his department they have decided to take “a step and move forward” with the research project that the Center for Research and Agrarian Training (CIFA) began three years ago to stop scrubland and promote grazing animal production in the Cantabrian mountains.

After a first phase that has concluded this year with “satisfactory” results, the project led by the CIFA researcher, Juan Busqué, will begin a new three-year stage in which it will try to complement the information necessary to implement a system “viable” rancher who “transforms the forest into a more productive, biodiverse and resilient space, in addition to producing quality meat with the minimum of external feeding and offering primary employment alternatives in our mountain”.

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