Carne y Salud: Sustainability and a European production model for the Spanish meat sector

Livestock farms in our country have experienced in recent years a profound evolution that has given rise to a new productive reality, food, economic and environmental security that has made Spanish livestock production among the most evolved production structures in the world . The Carne y Salud platform has produced a report, “Livestock and meat production and sustainability”, in which the different realities of the meat sector in Spain are breaking down. And Anafric will be publishing this information, week by week.

If last week we echoed the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions from the meat sector (7%), this week we reviewed the productive and sustainable model of livestock production.

Spain applies the European production model, whose quality and food safety standards are the most demanding in the international arena and offer full guarantees that Spanish livestock products that arrive anywhere on the planet are safe and of quality, in addition to They have produced respecting the environment and animal welfare.




This model is based on 4 pillars:

  • Animal welfare
  • Animal health
  • Animal feeding
  • Respect for the environment

All this added to a rigorous traceability system that allows the “path” of a product to be followed from the farm to the table.

This form of sustainable production not only results in improved animal life, but also in higher product quality.

This sustainable production model guarantees:

  • The implementation of good practices on farms and throughout the value chain
  • The prevention of animal diseases
  • Livestock welfare
  • Care and respect for the environment
  • Worker safety
  • Food safety thanks to the traceability system from field to table

All this results in products of the highest quality, healthy, safe and produced with low environmental impact and attending to the welfare of animals.

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