Càrniques Celrà invests 20 million euros in a new cutting room

With the creation of 300 direct jobs in mind, Càrniques Celrà plans to invest 20 million euros in the construction of a new cutting room to increase its production and export capacity. The new facilities will be up and running in mid-2024.

This has been announced by the Expansión newspaper. The new facility will have 28,000 m2 and will improve the positioning of its products in third countries. The company, which belongs to the Olot Meats business group, exports 90% of its production to 118 countries.

The plant will be located next to the current facilities that Càrniques Celrà has in the Girona town of Cerlà. Adjacent to it, the construction of changing rooms, a dining room, a channel reception chamber, shipping docks and a cleaning room is also planned.

The forecast for the end of 2022 is to reach 140 million kilos of meat and 295 million euros in total sales.

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