Castilla-La Mancha warns of the “serious” consequences of the snow and cold storm for extensive livestock

Asaja Castilla-La Mancha has warned of the “serious” consequences of the snowstorm and cold for extensive livestock and the new economic blow that it will have for farmers, already heavily punished as a result of COVID-19. The agrarian organization has reported that the large amount of snow that has fallen in recent days in many livestock areas of the region made it difficult, at first, to access where they keep the livestock in order to provide them with food.

But once those first moments are over, the problem is getting worse due to the large amount of snow that covers the pastures and the low temperatures that are expected during these days. Producers are being forced to feed their animals, which represents a significant daily cost that can be prolonged over time, given the adverse weather forecasts.

From Asaja, it is also noted that the cattle are in the middle of the farrowing period and many farmers cannot care for their sheep. The storm has also caused livestock and agricultural warehouses to collapse due to the weight of snow on the roofs.


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