Celevant, a beef company associated with Anafric, opens a new business line with frozen meat

The company specialized in beef, Celevant, associated with Meat Center Ibérica, opens a new business line with filleted preparations, and deep-frozen hamburgers and finger food. These products are intended for large distribution and restoration. The meat company has been working on the project for a few months and will present its new products at Meat Attraction Exhibition. It will be from September 17 to 19 in Madrid, at the joint stand of the meat business association, ANAFRIC.

For the third consecutive year, Celevant, with 28 years of experience in the sale of beef, will be present at Meat Attraction. In this edition, the firm will show its offer in deep-frozen meats and which leads a new stage of growth. Celevant. Thanks to its partner company Meat Center Ibérica, which covers the entire process of beef – from the production of feed, breeding and livestock, to the commercialization of the final product – and now goes one step further and enters the filleting and processing segment of deep-frozen meat. Currently, the company located in Torrent (Valencia), has a production capacity of 18 000 tons of meat per year. Celevant has freezing and refrigerated chambers with a capacity of more than 1500t.

Meat for large distribution and catering

The Company explains that “its new line is oriented mainly to the large distribution and catering” and adds that “the consumption of hamburgers is living a good time.” At the moment, the offer in filleted meat and the different types of hamburgers responds to standardized formats, although the company does not rule out more personalized preparation according to customer demand.

A decade in continuous development

Celevant, created in 1991 in Valencia as a delegation of Meat Center Ibérica, has experienced in the last 10 years an important and continuous development. In 2009, Celevant expanded facilities and accommodates cutting rooms and expanded its services. In 2011, a new extension of provisional 3,000 m2 was promoted.

They would become 9,000 in 2015, with the new Torrent plant. These new and modern facilities came into operation in 2016. They are equipped with machinery, cutting-edge work lines and high-capacity technology. Its cold installation offers total control of the cold chain, both positive and negative, of all merchandise. This plant has also incorporated the elaborated and processed meat lines that allow the company to continue growing, as evidenced by the deep-frozen line.

Celevant at Meat Attraction at the Anafric joint stand

Celevant can be visited at Anafric’s joint stand at Meat Attraction. This meat business association is part of the organizing committee of the Exhibition, which allows its participation with an associated project where the co-exhibiting companies have important advantages.

In other aspects, companies can include their customers and potential customers in the International buyer program, benefit from B2B – in this edition, B2Meat – with importers worldwide or strengthen their presence as a meeting point for customers and relationship with the meat sector. Anafric expects to gather up to 8 companies in its grouped stand and invites meat companies to “inform themselves without engagement of all the advantages it offers them”.


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