Certificat Animal Welfare INTEROVIC Spain – AWI en els productes ovins i cabrum

As of 2021, consumers will be able to find the Animal Welfare INTEROVIC Spain – AWI certificate in sheep and goat products such as skin or meat. It is a guarantee mark that includes the certification process within the “Animal Welfare Commitment”. This is a tool that allows the animal to be provided, in all phases of production, with the care and environment necessary for proper physical and psychological development and to ensure compliance. This initiative was born with the aim of guaranteeing the consumer that the products under the Animal Welfare INTEROVIC Spain -AWIS brand come from operators that have complied with the strictest requirements established on animal welfare and traceability, offering the highest level of animal welfare in the world.

The scope of this certification encompasses all the production phases of the suckling pigs, lambs and kids, from the typing centers and feeding stations, to controls at the point of sale. In addition, this certification also includes by-products such as skin. To guarantee products produced with the maximum guarantees of animal welfare.

At the moment, ARAPORCEI, S.L. and CERTICAR, S.L. They are the first certifying companies that have obtained authorization to certify with the Technical Regulation of Animal Welfare and Traceability “Animal Welfare Commitment”, Animal Welfare Interovic Spain – AWIS.

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