Confrontation between Uruguay and Bill Gates over accusations of contamination of the meat industry

The Uruguayan National Meat Institute (INAC), specifically its president, Fernando Mattos, has accused technology businessman Bill Gates of making unfounded accusations by maintaining that the meat industry is the cause of climate change “while he is a shareholder of the laboratories that manufacture meat-like products, claiming to claim the benefits and attributes of a millenary industry, but denoting it by unjustifiably associating it with environmental damage. This is a deliberate deception of the consumer by calling a product that should not be called that way meat ” .

For this reason, INAC has invited Bill Gates to visit Uruguay, a country with more than 400 years of livestock exploitation based on natural pastures and which is an example of sustainability. You cannot accuse a generalizing sector, without respecting tens of thousands of producers who from generation to generation have received and transmitted a lifestyle, based on the legacy of caring for the natural resource that nature gave us and that we must pass on from The best way”.

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