Consultation on animal welfare legislation in the EU. Participate now!

The European Commission opened a public consultation last October to correct the deficiencies detected in the EU legislation on animal welfare. The consultation will be operational until January 21 and, to date, about 7,200 valid comments have been registered, of which more than half correspond to comments from France (3,989 responses); Germany has sent 697 comments and Italy 664. Spain has only submitted 245 responses.


Participate now at this link 

Due to the repercussion and significance that this query may have, from Anafric we encourage you to participate. This can be done by any group directly concerned by the legislation, such as ranchers and other food business operators, the general public, animal welfare NGOs and consumer organizations.

You can participate in the consultation by filling in the online questionnaire in any of the EU languages.

As can be seen in the image, 93% of the comments received correspond to citizens (general population) of the EU.





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