Consumption of meat substitutes will remain low, according to Rabobank

Rabobank, a Dutch financial institution, has produced a study in which it assures that although the media attention suggests otherwise, the market share of meat and dairy substitutes is small. The market share of meat substitutes in the Netherlands was 2.5 percent last year. The average in Europe is currently 0.5%. Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom score above average.

It is expected that in 2035 the demand will have multiplied by 8, reaching 1.7 million tons in fifteen years. The expected growth of the market is not due to a specific factor.

Consumers are concerned, for example, about greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation or the welfare of animals in livestock. According to the bank report, “It does not matter if that is right or wrong: it is the way of thinking that guides consumer behavior,” the study says.

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