Cooperatives Agro-alimentàries expects that the European funds will help the sectors most affected by Covid19, including beef

Spanish agri-food cooperatives will receive 2021 with “great expectation” about the distribution of funds from the European Union (EU) for the recovery of Covid-19, after a year of shock for the sector, changes in the consumer and falls in income from businesses most closely linked to the hospitality industry. Among the challenges for the new year, Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias affirms that the EU recovery funds open up positive expectations, to which is added the outcome of the negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), without forgetting the hope before the change of presidency of the United States (USA) on the end of tariffs.

The cooperatives trust in the effects of vaccines and that as soon as possible there will be a health standardization and economic improvements, although they are aware of the loss of income of a part of the population and its effect on consumption.

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