Digitization in the meat and livestock sector: the blockchain for livestock

Electronic commerce and online sales have multiplied as a result of new consumption habits and the changes that have caused health and mobility restrictions, especially with the closure, and the consequent crisis, of commerce in general and the horeca channel particularly during the pandemic.

But digitization goes much further than making a website for online sales, robotics in irrigation systems, digital collars for feeding livestock or automation of milking parlors. Now the true revolution in digital transformation is in the management, marketing and sale of food products that reflect traceability, sustainability and food safety.




An example of how digitization and big data have been carried out in the meat sector can be found in Argentina. In 2019, a project was carried out through the startup Carnes Validadas. A direct line of communication between producers and consumers is created through the blockchain technology of its star product: meat.

What does blockchain mean in cattle

Not only is the general livestock registry disclosed, but the individual history of each animal can be documented and validated. Know precisely where he was raised, his diet, what his health care was, who transferred him, how he evolved throughout the upbringing, accompanying with photos, videos, certificates, and a quantity of information that is much more than the traceability itself.

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