Eating meat in a balanced way suits us


According to the guide of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians “Importance of beef in the diet of the Spanish”, “an adequate intake of meat in combination with other food groups is a physiological benefit for humans and allows to obtain important micronutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc ”.

Although currently, meat consumption is controversial, any excessive consumption that any food group is harmful, because we would not be eating a balanced diet.



Meat proteins

What meat is made of, especially beef. We’ll talk about proteins today. Did you know that proteins are made up of 20 amino acids and that 9 of them are not synthesized by the human body? In other words, we can only obtain them from the diet. The proteins of greater biological value are those of animal origin (meat, egg, fish and dairy). Therefore it is important to consume these foods properly to obtain the necessary nutrients and maintain optimal health.

Meat provides all the essential amino acids for the development of human tissue.

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