Euronews launches the miniseries “From farm to Fork”

Throughout its eight episodes, produced in collaboration with the European Commission, “From Farm to Fork” will show viewers how farmers and companies are adapting their work habits and consumers their eating habits to make the healthier, fairer and more sustainable food chains.

The first episode airs this week and a new episode will be released every two weeks on Tuesday night at 9:55 p.m. The first episode, set in Ahun, France, examines how the industry is preparing to cut pesticides by 50% by 2030.



  • Upcoming episodes will focus on innovative agricultural technology in Lelystad, the Netherlands (airing on March 30).
  • Innovative systems to manage and reduce food waste in Berlin, Germany (April 13).

Topics such as animal welfare, overexploitation of the land, pollution and food labeling will also be addressed.

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