Example of how to show the work of the meat industry to reduce emissions to the environment: Danish Crown will market labels on its products showing the work done by the country’s farmers and ranchers to be more respectful of the environment

Since 2005, the climate footprint of a kilo of Danish pork from Danish Crown has been reduced by 25%. That message will be clear on the packaging, making it easier for consumers to make a more climate-friendly decision when standing at the counter in more than 90% of Danish grocery stores.

“Pigs are more respectful of the climate than most people think,” the company says. With the new climate message on the packaging, we show that not all meat production is similar. There is even a big difference in pigs, which, depending on where they grew up, have different climatic footprints.

Danish Crown’s pork climate footprint has been reduced by 25% per kg per year since 2005. This means that our pork is getting closer to chicken when you look at the climate footprint. ”

More information at www.eurocarne.com

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