Extremadura approves an investment of 20 million euros in Cibex

The Extremadura Regional Government has approved an investment of 20 million euros for Cibex, the future Iberian slaughterhouse that will be located in Zafra. It is a major investment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory.

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In total, the Board has approved 134 applications for investment projects, transformation and marketing of agricultural products, through the 2019 call for agro-industrial incentives, which will move a total investment of 75,877,195.81 euros in the community.
Of these, more than 41 (50.8 percent) will go to machinery, 18 to civil works and almost another 18 million to installations, among the largest items. In addition to the item destined for Cibex, the counselor pointed out that another 21 items have been approved for projects in the meat sector.

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